Little Space Heroes

Conduct & Culture Charter

Making Little Space Heroes safe and fun for all players
Making Little Space Heroes as rewarding, fun and safe as possible relies on every player helping to make a happy, fun community culture. If you see something that you think is not in keeping with the Little Space Heroes Conduct and Culture, or you have any questions please contact us.


Keep your personal details private
Be safe and keep your real name a secret! Do not use your real name for your Username or Hero name. Please do not share any personal information such as your real name, phone number, email, home or school address. If someone is asking you to share your personal information, please tell your parents and contact us. You are also not allowed to ask for this information from other players.

Talk to other players nicely
Keep conversations clean of swearing or insults. Little Space Heroes is a place for kids and therefore should not include discussion of adult themes including drugs, alcohol or sexual topics. Any discussions that discriminate against others based on gender, race or background are not allowed. Use of profanity or other banned language is monitored.


Respect other players and be polite
Little Space Heroes is designed to be fun. Treat other players nicely and they will do so in return. Swearing, bullying or rude behaviour towards other players is not tolerated and players who are mean to others may be suspended and risk being permanently banned.

No cheating or scamming
Cheating not only diminishes the fun of Little Space Heroes, it also impacts other players. Achieving success in Little Space Heroes is much more rewarding if you have done it the right way. Cheats and scammers are not welcome in Little Space Heroes and if you are found to be using any kind of cheat or scam, you may be suspended and risk being permanently banned from the game.

Little Space Heroes


By following the culture of Little Space Heroes, you increase your chances of successful completion of missions, your level of fun and the likelihood of making new friends. Get the most out of Little Space Heroes and be the best Hero you can be by:

Working with and helping other players is a great way to enjoy Little Space Heroes. It's much more fun to solve mysteries, go on adventures and have a great time when you're sharing the experience with others.
Take Responsibility
Remember that your actions have consequences and that you are solely responsible for these. If you are thoughtful and considerate of other players, you will create a better playing experience for everyone.
Accept others
Remember, we all start out as beginners. If you see other players who are new to Little Space Heroes why not lend a hand and show them the ropes. Understand that each of us is different and that it's our differences that make for a fun and vibrant community.
Have fun
Little Space Heroes is designed to be a fun gaming experience - so go on and enjoy yourself!
Little Space Heroes