Little Space Heroes


Special Space Hero offers, competitions and giveaways!

Earn exclusive rewards!

Calling all Space Heroes! Need help searching for clues left by Lord Shadowbot? Why not invite your friends to help you explore the galaxy?

Invite your friends to team up and adventure with you and score some amazing in game goodies as you explore the universe together!

How it works

Invite your friends to join you by clicking "tell a friend" while you play the game. If they follow the link in the email to create a free Little Space Heroes account and log in then we'll reward you!

Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes

What Kinda Rewards

  • Refer 1 friend
    Score 1,000 virtual coins and the Mission Buddy badge to show off in your journal.
  • Refer 3 friends
    That's a hat trick! Refer 3 friends to join and you'll earn 5,000 coins! And say hello to your new best friend, a pet puppy! You'll also score the Team Adventure badge.
  • Refer 6 friends
    You sure are a popular hero! Get 6 friends to score the Super Squadron badge, 10,000 coins and a bunch of cool spaced out furniture for your hero's home pad!
  • Refer 10 friends
    10 Good Reasons! Get 10 buddies to join and you'll earn the most awesome rewards of all: 30,000 coins, the Mega Squadron badge and a Trick Starjet and Hero spacesuit. Shadowbot and his minions beware!

Questions and answers

  • Can I earn even if I'm a free member?
    Absolutely, this is a special Promotion and the items are available to every hero.
  • When do I get my goodies?
    You'll get your goodies within 24 hours of reaching each level of buddies.
  • Can I just tell friends about Little Space Heroes?
    Sure! This is an optional promotion. But just remember your friends must sign up using the invite you sent them for us to count them as a referral.
  • How can I track my invites?
    We'll let you know as soon as you hit a rewards tier.
  • I have more questions!
    We're always ready to answer any questions! Please Contact Us for more help.

Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes

Important Stuff

Remember, always make sure you have your friend's permission to contact them before you send them an invitation.

Little Space Heroes respects your privacy. Please check our privacy policy for more information.

There are certain rules for this promotion. Please read the terms and conditions.