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What is Little Space Heroes?

Little Space Heroes is an upcoming virtual universe for kids - a social online gaming experience in which kids create their own character and explore a universe full of fun and adventure. Little Space Heroes is all about adventure, mystery and discovery.

Children are encouraged to work together as they go on quests, play mini-games and solve puzzles and mysteries. Learning the art of working together and sharing, socialising and communicating are cornerstone elements of the Little Space Heroes game.

We know how much children love to express themselves. Little Space Heroes lets players customise their own character and create their own story, with plenty of opportunities for role playing and imaginative play.

Who makes Little Space Heroes?

Little Space Heroes is made by Bubble Gum Interactive, an independent children's development studio based in Sydney, Australia.

How do I join the Beta program?

Simply create your free account now and we'll send you an invitation to join the beta when it launches.

How much will it cost?

The Little Space Heroes virtual world will be free to play. With parental permission, kids can create their own character, own a pet Glow, travel the universe in their Starjet, play mini-games, solve puzzles and make friends.

We also offer membership options that provide unlimited access to the game. Members can enjoy more adventure, discovery, personalisation and special members-only events and competitions. Membership pricing will be announced on this website in the coming months.

When will Space Heroes launch?

We'll be launching our Beta program very soon with the full game ready for launch in the second half of 2011.

What can I do now?

You may create your free Little Space Heroes account and play some amazing games like Asteroid Blaster and Jet Pack Explorer. You'll be well prepared when the beta launches.

What are virtual coins?

By playing the free games at today you'll earn virtual coins that may be redeemed for virtual items in game when Little Space Heroes launches. Redemption of virtual coins will require a paid membership account. There is no obligation to purchase. More information will be released at this website when available.

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