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What Parents, Teachers and Kids say about Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes is receiving tremendous feedback from parents & teachers, game reviewers and of course kids! Check out some of the amazing reviews, endorsements and accreditations we have received across TV, magazines, websites and blogs. We'd love to hear what our fans think! Please contact us to share your thoughts and comments.

Press coverage

"Little Space Heroes is not just another online virtual world - it's an online virtual universe. With multiple planets and a fun mode of travel between them, it's bigger, better and promises more fun than most other virtual worlds out there today!" Family Friendly Video Games

"Don't wait another second, Little Space Heroes is a free online game that any kid simply must try." MMO Games

"The colors and character models are eye candy for kids and will definitely make them feel as if they've stepped into the Sunday comics section of the newspaper. Even the animations like waving are adorably cute and liberally used... Little Space Heroes is definitely for kids and a game that the littlest astronauts will enjoy playing while sharing a keyboard with Mom or Dad."

Little Space Heroes

"Immediately striking are the colourful 2D backdrops, comprising a range of engaging geography; cliff faces, undersea locations and quirky interiors. Indeed, it's less a "game world" and more a "game universe" with, larger than you might expect themed planets to explore. Little Space Heroes stands out as a game that really knows its audience." PC PowerPlay Magazine

"Little Space Heroes is ambitious, however it seems that Bubble Gum Interactive is more than capable of creating a deep and fun experience for a market that is often bombarded with educational puzzle games. Offering younger players a vast and exciting galaxy to explore with their friends in real-time is a novel idea, and one that we think is really going to take off!" MMGN

Little Space Heroes TV Spot! Our Heroes virtual world was featured on Australia's most popular gaming show for kids. Watch the Little Space Heroes preview on ABC TV. ABC Good Game Spawn Point

"Playing Little Space Heroes provides you with that child-like wonder reserved for Christmas Days and surprises and get-togethers with people you care about. The game has that 'feel' to it - about being somewhere that's positive and magical. The vibrancy of the setting combines with the magic of a world crafted for younger minds to create an experience that is extremely memorable, and hard to replicate anywhere else. There are a lot of children's games out there - but there aren't many that adults can enjoy without feeling as though they are playing a children's game. Little Space Heroes is a game you'll enjoy playing - and a game you'll remember playing for all the right reasons" Save Game Online

What Parents and Teachers say

"The whole concept of being a space hero in a vast universe is incredibly well done and will appeal to kids ages 5-12." Dan Nessel, Dad Does Blog

"Both of my kids thoroughly enjoyed the game! They loved the fun, colorful graphics and getting to create their own characters. They really liked learning how to use their jet packs so they could zip around through the galaxy. Little Space Heroes kept them both entertained for an afternoon so that I could get some much needed rest!" Jennifer, The Experimental Mommy Blog

"My daughter loves Little Space Heroes. The characters and story are great fun and she really enjoys playing all the games with her friends." Jordan

"It's refreshing to see a game age appropriate and fun. The graphics are great and the concept is fantastic. Both my son and daughter really liked it." Belinda

Little Space Heroes

"My 8 year old son really enjoys the game. I think it is ideal for young kids who like to explore and like to play games without it being to difficult for them!!" Julia

"It's nice to see Little Space Heroes providing a place for kids online that is both safe and fun!" Bec

Awards and Recognition

Little Space Heroes Little Space Heroes Little Space Heroes

What kids say

"I like how you can do anything you want and use your imagination." Mitchell, 9 years old

"It's a fun game. You make your own hero and go on adventures!" Zara, 6 years old

"It's fantastic! You go to different worlds and explore!" Jessica, 9 years old

"You guys are awesome! I think Little Space Heroes is really sweet!" Alex, 10 years old

"You get a jetpack and a space ship and you go to different planets." Nick, 7 years old

Little Space Heroes

"I really like it. You create a hero, get a jet pack, fly into space... how many favourite things can I have?" Ryan, 11 years old