Little Space Heroes

The Space Hero Code

Making the galaxy awesome for heroes everywhere.

Making the Little Space Heroes universe as rewarding, fun and safe as possible relies on every
player following the Space Hero Code to ensure the galaxy is awesome for everyone.

What's not cool

The following are not allowed:
  • No sharing personal information
    Heroes must not share or ask for personal information. This includes real names, home or school address, email addresses or passwords. You can of course ask about their favourite song, TV show or ice-cream!
  • No bullying or mean behaviour
    Bullying is against the Space Hero Code and doesn't make a hero awesome. Bullying can hurt other heroes' feelings. A true hero always treats others with respect, isn't mean, and doesn't swear or say things to others to make them feel bad.
  • No cheating
    Cheating takes away the fun of a game and doesn't make it fair to other heroes. Great heroes take turns and play fair, which makes winning even more rewarding because you've got awesome skills!

If you see something that you think is not in keeping with the Little Space Hero Code or you have any questions please contact us.