Little Space Heroes

Parent & Teacher Resources

Little Space Heroes has received a lot of positive feedback from parents and teachers.

  • Parents tell us they love the positive messages and the safe, social
    community experiences kids enjoy in game.
  • Teachers tell us the game provides different learning benefits and can
    help with social skills development, critical thinking and problem solving.

Social skill building

As a safe, inclusive and fun online game kids can make new friends and learn principles of friendship. Social play reinforces concepts such as sharing, taking turns and being a good team player. Our Space Hero Code also encourages this.

Teamwork & Responsibility

Questing after Lord Shadowbot to rescue the missing glows is hard work and requires players to share clues and ideas, and work together! Players also care for their magical Glows and can look after and train their pet Kritterz.

Problem Solving

When kids undertake a quest that involves a series of steps or actions, they learn how to approach a problem. Particularly challenging problems can help kids learn how to think critically to find potential solutions.

Learning through Story

Story and characters are a great medium for kids to learn by experiencing a character's adventures. They observe how actions have consequences and how to face different situations.

Science Learning

The Heroes universe is a big place, with diverse planets to explore. This gives parents and teachers a "gamer style" canvas to discuss science, ecology, astronomy and other concepts with kids. Check out Glow rescue 101 that introduce concepts of gravity, the aquarium feeding game, or our worm farm in the Jungle planet community garden.

Creative Imaginative Play

The massive Little Space Heroes universe can fire up kids' imaginations. Kids in game role play stories and social scenes and can try out their creativity by designing their Heroes home pad, customising their hero. We receive some amazing fan art, stories and comics and celebrate these in game.

Activities & Experiments

Check out our free stuff page for awesome crafts and activities for kids of all ages. Parents can discuss science topics through fun experiments such as growing crystals or building a paper Starjet to learn about concepts such as lift and drag.

Books, Maps & Apps

Characters like Professor Q, Kira and even the villainous Dr. Z share subtle messages in game to teach kids various concepts. Check out Professor Q's Big Book of Space, Kira's Flight Training 101, and Dr. Z's Book of Most Diabolical Experiments in the Academy Library.

Financial literacy

Kids earn in-game "virtual coins" in Little Space Heroes. Members can redeem these coins for items which helps teach kids concepts such as earning and saving for virtual items like clothes, furniture, and even a Starjet!

Hand Eye & Motor Skills

Little Space Heroes features lots of games from arcade to platform puzzlers. Through continued play, kids can improve their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Community Awareness

Kids aren't only heroes in game, helping each other and rescuing lost Glows. We also encourage kids to be heroes in the real world. Soon players will be able to vote once a year on global kids and environmental causes they'd like Bubble Gum Interactive to support.

Language & Cultures

Little Space Heroes offers safe chat in 11 languages which can help as a basic language learning tool. It also provides kids with an easy way to chat to new friends from all around the world, helping to bridge borders, celebrate differences and create awareness of the global village we live in.