Little Space Heroes

Premium Member Benefits

Unlimited fun

  • Get the party started!
    Party among the stars (literally!) at exclusive members only events and parties.
  • Buddy Up!
    Squad up for adventure. Premium members have no limits on how many friends they can have.
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Unlimited discovery

  • Adventure Everywhere!
    Explore the entire universe and find special member's only planets and locations, limited edition games and gain priority access to servers and rooms.
  • Upgrade your Starjet
    Customise your Starjet with awesome modifications and explore the galaxy in style.
Little Space Heroes

Unlimited personalisation

  • Play in style!
    Show your Hero style! Use your virtual coins to flaunt it with cool clothes and accessories for your Hero, Glow and your Little Kritterz.
  • Kritter Krazy!
    Grab yourself some cute, cuddly or down-right krazy Little Kritterz, the coolest pets in the universe!
Little Space Heroes