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What is Little Space Heroes?

Little Space Heroes is a virtual universe - a social online gaming experience in which kids get to create their own character and explore a universe full of fun and adventure.

Little Space Heroes is all about adventure, mystery and discovery. Children are encouraged to work together as they go on quests, play mini-games and solve mysteries. Learning the art of team play and sharing, socialising and communicating are cornerstone elements of the Little Space Heroes game.

We know how much children love to express themselves. Little Space Heroes lets players customise their own character and create their own story, with plenty of opportunities for role playing and imaginative play.

Little Space Heroes is published by Bubble Gum Interactive, an independent children's entertainment studio.

online virtual worlds for kids under 12

Safety and support

We know that children love to connect, share and interact with their friends. Increasingly, children want to do this online. Many of our team are parents ourselves so we also understand the concerns parents have regarding their child's use of the internet.

Safety is of utmost importance to us. Little Space Heroes combines carefully controlled registration, parental controls, safe chat options, profanity and inappropriate language blocking and in-game moderation to ensure that our players can enjoy themselves in a safe online experience. We are 100% advertising free. We have established relationships with law enforcement and online safety bodies.

For more safety resources and information please visit our Safety page

Contacting us

If you have any questions regarding safety, please contact us. Our Customer Support Team will respond to your question promptly.

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Suitable for kids (and big kids too)

Little Space Heroes is rated "E for Everyone" by the Entertainment Standards Rating Board. This independent assessment confirms that the game has no content deemed inappropriate for children aged 6 and up.

Little Space Heroes is designed primarily for kids age 6 - 12 but we know that many parents enjoy playing the game too. It just goes to show, there's still a kid in all of us!

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