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We are committed to delivering a safe online experience for kids and families

Minimal registration data

Little Space Heroes keep the collection of personal information to an absolute minimum at registration for both kids and parents. We never ask for a child's real name, and discourage the use of their real name or one similar to it when they choose their account username and Hero name.

We only send emails to the parent email address provided when we have been given your permission to do so. Parents can manage their email notification preferences.

Little Space Heroes

Chat options

As an online virtual world for kids, we offer chat as a communications tool in the game. We give parents the option to choose their preferred chat option:

  • Super Safe chat uses pre-set menu choices of greetings, questions, answers, comments and statements. If you choose Super Safe Chat, your child will only be able to use the Super Safe Chat menu's list of set phrases to communicate with other players.
  • Safe chat allows players to type their own chat messages. To prevent inappropriate language, names, phone numbers and addresses appearing in game, Safe Chat has advanced word filtering and blocking as standard. Our word filters are continually updated. Player's found to be using inappropriate language, or encouraging inappropriate behaviour in others face suspension of their player account and/or the possibility of a permanent ban.

Parents choose which chat option they prefer during registration. This can be changed by the parent at any time.

Community moderators

Our "in-house" Community team ensures player safety and provides general customer support. Members of the team comply with working with children standards, have all passed background checks and are highly trained to provide proactive support when required.

Many of our team are parents ourselves and we feel that it is important that children also take responsibility. Players must abide by the Little Space Heroes Conduct & Culture Charter at all times. We also encourage players to report any activity that they think may be inappropriate.

Little Space Heroes

Online Safety Resources

We believe parents should be actively involved with their child's online activity, not only within Little Space Heroes but with their internet usage as a whole.

With knowledge both parents and children are better equipped to plan a safe online experience, and react to any challenges along the way.

Tips to making you child as safe as possible when online include:

  • Teach your children to keep their personal information private. Explain that they should never share their real name, email address, telephone number, home address or school.
  • Have an open door policy for your discussions about internet usage with your children. If you allow your children to share their online experiences with you on a regular basis, they will be far more likely to share anything unusual or negative with you if it occurs.
  • Monitoring your child's internet usage on a semi-regular to regular basis assists both children and parents ensure usage remains both safe and at reasonable levels. It is recommended that children use computers in shared areas of the house.
  • Have open discussions and set up some directions around your child's internet usage such as when your children can go online, which sites they can visit and what to do if they experience a problem.
  • Take an interest in your child's internet activity. Understand what sites and services they like. Explain any concerns you have and equip them with the skills to use the internet safely and respect others online.
  • Make sure you have security software for your computer including virus and malware protection. You may also use software such as content filters and child specific safety software.
  • If your child wishes to take an online friendship into an actual real world meeting, make sure you are present and meet the other player's parents or guardian.

For more safety resources and information please visit:

Virtual Global TaskForce

Contacting us

If you have any questions regarding safety, please contact us.

Our Community Support Team will respond to your question promptly.