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The dastardly Lord Shadowbot has stolen the Glows! This not-so-evil villain's bizarre fear of the dark led him to our heroes galaxy where he discovered the Glows, a curious light emitting creature with amazing powers.

Wanting the Glows all for himself, Shadowbot and his minions landed on the Glow's Crystal planet home world and began to Glow-nap them! Stealing away our little friends to light his way through the Galaxy and power his minion ships ... the Nauts.

Exploring deep space, Ace and his pals Kira, Sparky, Krill and Zed made haste back to the galaxy, and using Professor Q's Bubble Chi powers, the heroes succeeded in banishing Shadowbot from their home - but not before he had damaged the Crystal Palace and stolen away most of the Glows.

In the months that followed, no matter how hard they tried, no trace of Shadowbot or the Glows could be found.

Little Space Heroes

Calling all heroes!

To find the space robot, Ace and pals invite new cadets to join the Space Heroes Academy to learn the ropes, team up with friends, and master your Bubble Blaster, Jetpack and Starjet. The galaxy is a very big place and with plenty of distant planets to explore we need new and old Heroes alike to work together to unravel secrets of Shadowbot and the missing Glows.

Along the way you'll make new friends, earn badges, play fun games, take part in special events and craft your own amazing hero adventures!

Little Space Heroes is FREE to play, so what are you waiting for? Blast off for adventure now and help find the Glows!

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Information for parents

Little Space Heroes is a free-to-play virtual universe for kids aged 6 to 12. Rated E for Everyone and PEGI Ok, Little Space Heroes has been awarded the Family Friendly Videogames Seal of Approval. This safe, fun and inclusive online game is receiving rave reviews. Learn more about the game at our Parents page.

Little Space Heroes